01 February, 2017

The Clouds

That morning she woke up to the sound of thunder

Her trembling hands reached out to his woolen jacket

Enveloped in his warmth, she walked to the verandah

To collect the tiny photo frames hanging atop the window sash

She brought them all in, and cleared the rain droplets off them

She placed them on the side rack of her drawing room

The pictures brought back happy memories of their time together

She picked up her beloved’s picture and kissed it

The day marked their 70th marriage anniversary

25 June, 2016

Arati’s story of hope and healing

I was initially quite apprehensive about this story that I had to produce for a health series. Not because of the premise of the episode, but because I had my qualms about approaching the case study. The story was based on a breast cancer survivor. The day I met her, I realised I can surely gulp down my timidity and respond well to her optimistic outlook. Sharing Arati’s story of hope and healing.   


06 February, 2016

Open Sky

Let’s witness the open sky

Blanket of gleaming stars and the moon

Pleasant sight from down here


Time for love to expire Experience the termination or try reversing it Let's have some grapes first!